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Regardless of whether you are employed in the fast food industry, retail industry, marketing, or even the medical discipline - South Carolina is a state with a number of hard-working professionals. Some people start work day after day recognizing just how risky their work is and there is not a question about the types of injuries they could experience. Even so, many do not know what they should do when they actually suffer from a workplace accident or illness that renders them unable to work for a certain period of time.

That is where a competent workers’ compensation lawyer comes in. By having legal counsel at your disposal, you will have the legal support you need to file a workers' comp claim and take the first action toward receiving the benefits you need to recover from your accidental injuries.

What Should I Do After Being Injured at Work?

One of the first things you want to do following a work accident that leads to injuries is report the incident to your employer. Each state in the US has guidelines with regard to how a work injury claim must be reported to their employers. In the state of South Carolina, this deadline is just 90 days from the day of your incident or from the day you were identified with an ailment related to your line of work. Upon receiving a proper diagnosis from your healthcare provider, you should provide a written report to both your boss and the South Carolina Office of Workers’ Compensation. This report needs to include your personal information, an explanation of the incident as well as any events that led to it, and a brief description of your accidental injuries.

Submitting your written report to the state Workers’ Compensation Office is not the same as filing a claim. After actually reported the accident to your supervisor, then you will need to submit an Employee’s Workplace injury claim Application within two years of your workplace accident.

Your Spartanburg workers’ compensation lawyer will advise you that neglecting these deadlines could mean you are no longer qualified to receive benefits. This is certainly another instance of why employing an attorney that is certainly acquainted with South Carolina workers' comp law could have a significant impact on your case. Not everybody is great with staying on top of deadlines, so a workers’ compensation lawyer will be able to help file all of the proper paperwork inside the state deadline to enable you to collect full monetary benefits for your personal injuries.

What Type of Benefits Could I Receive from Workers’ Compensation?

The best way to find out what type of benefits you could receive for your work injury claim is to reach out to a Spartanburg workers’ compensation lawyer to review your case. A lawyer who is familiar with state workers’ comp law could give you clear idea of what you are most likely to receive based on the circumstances surrounding your accident, the extent of your injuries, and when your doctor believe you should be able to return to work. With that said, the most common South Carolina workers’ compensation benefits cover the costs of the following:

  • Medical Treatment
  • Medications or Prescriptions
  • Crutches, Wheelchairs, & Other Medical Appliances
  • Cost of Travel to Your Doctor or Pharmacy
  • Lost Wages

What Happens When a Spartanburg Workers’ Compensation Claim is Denied?

Despite the fact that you have taken every one of the appropriate steps to report your workplace accident and apply for your workers' comp claim, you could possibly still receive a rejection notice in the mail.

As soon as you acquire your workers' compensation denial letter, you should peruse it properly to figure out whether it clarifies why you were denied. Your workplace injury claim rejection could be a result of anything from a basic technical error to your company insurance provider not believing your workplace accident took place as reported. In the event you study the letter and you are still not certain the reason your workers' compensation claim was denied by your place of employment, it should be easy to ask your work manager or the company insurance carrier for further clarification.

After you get a rejection notice and you understand the reasons why you were found ineligible, then it may be in your best interests to file for an appeal with the assistance of a workers' compensation lawyer in Spartanburg.

As part of your appeal hearing, a judge will review your supporting evidence to find out if your workers' comp claim was turned down erroneously. This evidence could be everything from medical reports that declare the severity of your injuries to remarks from fellow co-workers who witnessed what occurred on the day of your workplace accident. Given all the evidence, the judge is able to determine whether you will be qualified for workers' compensation benefits.

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After your accident, you may be worried about how you can possibly cover the cost of your medical treatment and household bills. You want the process of seeking workers' compensation to be as smooth as possible. Get started by reaching out to us for a consultation.